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Guiding the path to academic success

Empower their Journey: Unleashing Academic Excellence

About us

Embark on a journey of academic excellence with Beeyond the Classroom, where learning seamlessly blends with the comfort of home! I am Ms. Jenny, a passionate and dedicated educator committed to nurturing the unique potential within each elementary school student. 🏡

We extend our educational expertise across diverse learning domains, shaping the future of academia and redefining possibilities, one student at a time.

Our Focus Areas


At Beeyond the Classroom, our in-home tutoring services bring personalized learning to your doorstep. We create a comfortable and supportive environment, tailoring each session to your child's needs. Experience impactful education at home, redefining the learning experience, one session at a time

In-home tutoring services


Elevate your teaching with our private professional development! We begin with a comprehensive assessment, crafting a personalized learning plan aligned with your goals. Tailored sessions address specific needs, providing guidance to implement effective teaching strategies. Receive constructive feedback on methods, assessments, and management. Our goal is to empower you with tools for continuous improvement, fostering a positive learning environment. Enjoy flexible scheduling to fit your busy life, ensuring seamless alignment with teaching responsibilities. Gain exclusive access to a resource library for ongoing inspiration and growth.

Private professional development


Immerse your child in tailored workshops designed with a deep understanding of developmental stages and diverse interests. From aspiring scientists to budding artists, we cater to unique passions, ensuring every child finds a workshop that sparks their curiosity. With small group sizes, our facilitators provide personalized attention, fostering a sense of belonging and encouraging active participation. Each workshop concludes with a special takeaway – a masterpiece, a science experiment, or a certificate – serving as a delightful reminder of the exploration experienced. Stay tuned for upcoming workshops that evolve with your child's interests, promising fresh and exciting experiences.




Acknowledging the demands of modern life, we offer flexible scheduling options tailored to seamlessly integrate our sessions into your family's routine. At Beeyond the Classroom, we adapt to your schedule, ensuring a harmonious blend of education and life.


Meet Jenny Auad


Tutoring services




Tutoring services


School Supplies

​Mi experiencia con Jenny como tutora ha sido súper excelente. Mi niña gracias a ella ha tenido un buen desarrollo escolar. Es muy profesional, dulce, carismática y tiene mucha creatividad para enseñar a los niños.

Liusmary Pérez

Many thanks to Ms. Jenny Auad who has been the tutor of my 3 children for almost twelve years. She has guided them by providing them with academic knowledge, working in the areas where they needed extra help and in which they had a low academic level. Thanks to her help and professionalism they managed to advance.

Always grateful!

Wanda Badillo

Jenny has helped my daughter with so much like goal setting, time management, self-esteem, and organization. She does everything with so much love, she is

our angel. I highly recommend her!

Marcia Valenzuela

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